In our class (9th grade), we debated about some ideas of how to create a club. So, we worked in pairs in order to conceive our ideal club. But why don’t we try to do it for real? 

Some days before the presentation, we saw a few examples of clubs and their posters —reading club, badminton club—. We discussed about it and chose the one we liked the most. That same day, we all chose the theme for our clubs: there was a photography club, a videogame game club, a ping-pong club, a decoration club, and a filmmaking club. 

Our next step was to make an outline of the information we were going to present (time, day, where…) and then we made a draft of our posters. We also had to take into account the colors and the decoration we were using regarding our theme and try to make it catchy; and most importantly we had to encourage others to sign up for our club. 

Finally, on Wednesday, October 3rd, we presented our final poster, that is now exhibited in room 6. All the posters were pretty and catchy, but each one in a different sense. For example, the poster about the videogame club was considerably darker than the one about photography, which has lively colorful and many drawings. 

These clubs were just something we had to imagine, but wouldn’t it be good to do it for real? It could be really fun and interesting! Think about it ☺ !

Clara Navarro Guiral

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